Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

Structuring the city of pontianak

assalamualaikum Good morning and best wishes for all of us. Today's event theme about the arrangement of the city in Pontianak then I will convey a little complaint about the surrounding residents.
Structuring the city in pontianak very lh less in terms of transportation in the city pontianak.
Things that I often see in the arrangement of the city in this transportation problem in the landak toll slug area east pontianak.tol landak is a transportation access that connects the eastern and northern pontianak region.In the case of transportation in this landak toll is a lot of shortcomings in the arrangement of his place that is less supportive and resulted in frequent occurrence of his traffic jam in this landak toll.The congestion on the toll of this landak is not uncommon for people who pass the toll of this landak everyday.Because the government is not paying attention in the area of this landak toll, not just motor cars that pass this hedgehog toll even big trucks can pass the toll hedgehog marks the applicable hour.
       The committee should be firm to the big rider in passing the toll of the hedgehog because there must be a certain time or hour to pass the toll of the landak..Because if not in set time for large truck passes will increasingly create congestion and can make the danger of citizens who pass the toll landak.dan structuring in the toll landhole is not supportive because the road leading to the north pontianak very narrow because by home residents who live on the edge Toll of landak.
And if you want to build or repair in order to make transportation in this landak toll road smoothly should be in the governing house really around and the road should be widened.Because transportation or access to the northern area of Pontianak apart from through toll access can also through water crossing by using very.But this water crossing does not have a good capacity to transport riders who want to cross through this very, indeed one-on-one path that many people choose is passing the toll landak.
        So in my opinion this toll of this landak should be noticed by the government around and can be on such as Kapuas toll road.I have heard about the issue of the residents around the toll hedge area, said the local government wants to rehabilitate this landak toll.Its good in this hedgehog toll made in different lane for its own motor lane, car lane most likely will reduce congestion in this.
        Probably so much of my speech about the arrangement of the city more into transportation on this landak toll.hedgehog toll.Hopefully the government around heard complaints from the citizens who often visited this landak toll and hope the development or renovation
 in toll this landak is really working by the government.
My speech about the arrangement of the city of love.

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