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Custom motocycle manufacturing procedures

Which I want to show the procedure of making chopper flow motorcycle
Chopper that I know has a characteristic with the size of the front tire is bigger than the rear tire
This is the process of making it
1.Search first the machine you want to use and in accordance with the need to make a chooper        motorcycle
2.If the machine has been able to then desian framework of the motor according to your wishes to be  coordinated with teknisi.jika not in the design can not be changed again and require more cost to  replace it.
3.If it is, it is time for you to find the various costum equipment needed. Such as tires, shockbacker,  sparkboard, tank, seat, stank, handgrip, spedo, and others.
4.If all the equipment has been collected all the time process workmanship.The first to be installed  was the tire. Our function to install a tire so we know how high the chassis, seat holder, shok front  and rear hoist, and high sparkboard. Here the tire duties as a determinant of everything.
5.The tire is over, now it's our chassis turn. My chassis is cut above the rear shock holder. The reason  for the rear shock does not need to be in any longer.Do not weld die first, adjust the height of the chassis with the tires and spakbor. Because later afraid even ran aground when driving. The height should not be too high not too low. If it is too high look less dashing, because there is empty space, if too low even later can run aground.
6.After that the installation of rear shock. Better wearing RX king shock because RX King shock higher, so the motor is not easy to run aground. Second, the fat form makes the motor look more handsome.
7.This is the most important part in designing a classic motor. Often the classic of a motorcycle is because of 2 things, namely the appearance of the seat and the shape of the oil tank.After about the height of the chassis fit, new permanent weld stirrup U or newly created chassis. Well just after that for seat seat.
8.Buying a tank should not be arbitrary, it should be in accordance with the concept of flow we choose. Tank tank needs to be adjusted again, so make sure the tank is not too close to the handlebar and not too far away. Too close can cause the handlebar is not freely moved left to right, too far to make dirty look slim.
9.Went into the installation of his nice front shock using Shockacker Byson because the first one, the size 400 tires did not fit in the inherent Thunder shockbacker. Second, to look more manly with the larger diameter tube size.
10.Untuk lampu utama, lebih bagus memilih bentuk yang bulat dengan diameter sekitar 15 cm dan memiliki kesan klasik. Harga lampu utama yang saya beli yaitu 150 ribu.
Untuk lampu sein, saya pilih bentuk imut yang agak retro. Harganya 60 ribu untuk 2 pasang depan belakang.Lampu belakang / lampu stop harganya memang agak mahal, sekitaran 150 ribu. Ini wajib dipakai, demi keselamatan orang lain saat berkendara.
11.Handlebar using Byson handlebar, cost 60 thousand. Stang Byson is enough to describe the shape of the classic Japstyle motorcycle.Speedometer use retro speedometer, cost about 50ribu. For Japstyle is more suitable to use monospedo.
12.When all of them have entered into the difficult part of the electricity. This section should be the expert.

It lh bit prosuder making chopper flow motor that I know

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