Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

My Skill is playingfootball

My skill is playingfootball, why i like playingfootball because When I was little I tried playing football for the first time and made me happy when playing it.This is the story why I love football.Because often I play football that makes me feel good and I think maybe this is my hobby that I will play continuously.Because often I play my ball to follow some races in the area outside like in the punggur at kakap.When I was a kid I really wanted to follow the football training outside and there are also my neighbors who want to train me but because my parents i can not afford to finance .i understand with the financial condition of parents, so I just channel my hobbies play the ball with a friend My friend and that too I feel comfortable.I perna feel maybe this is the last time I play football because when I was my school accident because my hoby that I like it. I have broken my hand to play football maybe this last time I play football.send that I do not play the ball again because I Feel worried because broken my hand and I do not want to happen again. After 5 months after that I play again but I play not like before before my hand broken even though not as before but I feel happy to play football until now.That's the skill I like

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