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''Akeelah and The Bee''the Movie

Hello Who are you….
Back again with me, Idham Fitriyadi. I hope the all of us just fine..
Friday 05-05-2017, at english class we watch a movie. The movies is “Akeelah and The Bee”.
A few questions after watching the movie :
1)   -    Who is your most favorite character in the movie?
-       Why do you like him/her?
2)   -    What is your favorite scene?
-       What has that scene taught you?
3)   -    Mention at least 10 word with their!
  1)  My favorite character in the movie is JAVANE. Because javane is a person of solidarity with his very strong friend, And willing to fight together and never give up despite failing often. 
  2) The best scene is ... I love the incident that when akila follow the race suddenly his mother came and angry to akila. When it akila given time before javane appear akila not come akila in declare defeat, When it was the javane showed a close friendship with akila and javane did not want to lose akila. He stalled for a long time on the stage and waited to finish the problem.that is the scane i like.
3)             The 10 words :
§  Oersted
§  Eminent
§  Argillaceous
§  Alfresco
§  Logorrhea
§  Xylem
§  Concierge
§  Synecdoche
§  Euphoric
§  Ratiocinate

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