Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

My name Idham Fitriyadi, I would like to share the reasons why we study..

After graduating high school, most of us must continue their education at college. But make no mistake, there are still a lot of really of us are still confused whether to go or not. No one thinks to businesses not forever just because college can make people become successful.
Many people think, for what high school anyway a lot of really successful people without college. Even only certified SD doang could be a great businessman. It can not be used as a benchmark sob, they can succeed without a college that already know what to do next sob, already know what is being pursued in their careers. While we? So what aja still confused, Bener gak?
Well, so no harm ngelanjutin right for education, yet many benefits anyway? Want to know what are the advantages of college? Consider the following reviews yes, may be useful!

1. You know what would be later
Actually, not important anyway you study or not, as long as you know what you'll want to be and know what steps you should take. Now the average person did not know what ya want to be when they were in college. It is there that there will be an open mind about the future. That's why college is important!

2. Have a network
In the world of work, takes the name of a network or connection. This becomes a very fundamental tablets, will feel really fit you nyari work later. Well, through college you can meet so many people from all walks of life. From here also the network was formed and continues to grow.

3. Self-development
On campus there must have tuh unit or organization whose goal is to develop interests and talents of students. This is where you can take the opportunity to develop yourself. Ranging from arts and culture, sports, education, social, and so forth. Not only just more honed talent, but the ability komunikasimu will continue to increase and it is very useful in the world of work menyosong later.

4. Science is more complex
Do not be satisfied with the knowledge that you have from school, you can develop your knowledge to a higher education. Then in high school you just learn the basic science, then in kuliahlah you will learn something more complex. While it might be more complicated, but it's also good at absorbing knowledge added.

5. Enterprises also need science
You chose not to continue their education because they want to open a business. It was not wrong at all. However, perhaps you can be more prepared if you learn about the management and the ins and outs of the business, and such knowledge can you have from college. True, in the effort, the experience is primary, but science also has an important role not? So that every step that you live in running the business becomes even more effective.

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